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Tactics & Home Readiness Consulting

 There is one common thread noticed during the aftermath of a major crisis such as hurricanes, tornado's  or other horrible tragic events, that is the failure for Government agencies to be prepared to help you when you need it the most or for them to prevent a tragedy from happening in the first place.

Unfortunately, for as many resources that is available to these agencies, and as good of a job they do day in day out to protect us from harm, It's just impossible for them to be everywhere . That is why itís imperative that you establish your own plan, resources, and training to better protect you and youíre loved ones in order to truly feel safe and secure. You can't leave the well being of your family to elected officials for example, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy news reports and videos showed citizens were begging the Government for help. We saw the typical promises from local, state, and federal officials who promised water, food, fuel, and warm clothing. They took days even weeks in some areas to get people help. During the aftermath of Katrina help was not available right away many people died from exposure or dehydration. Don't forget looters and opportunists coming to steal the little bit you have left .The response of the local police force was to disarm their citizens and leave them with no protection from looters and others that would have done harm to them  these are just a few examples of what  happens during a crisis. We at Strong Point Tactical can help you better prepare and provide you with the knowledge on how to deal with tragedies like these.

Strong Point Tactical, LLC will conduct a one on one evaluation with you and your family to see what your true abilities are with the tools and equipment you have as well as physical conditioning and mental preparation.

 You can have all the guns, ammo, and cool toys you want but all of it means nothing if you can't perform.  Don't trick yourself into believing that youíre ready. Find out if you are and learn from our staff of combat veterans that have lived and worked in some of the most dangerous areas in the world.

We can provide the following:

  • Personal readiness consulting
  • Weapons training and evaluation
  • Consulting on family readiness
  • Tactical home movement techniques
  • Patrolling in urban environments or in rural areas
  • Location Atmospherics
  • Terrain analysis
  • Developing emergency plans of action
  • Developing standard operating procedures
  • Signal plan to reunite with family
  • A comprehensive analysis of your home, property and surrounding areas.
  • We develop an in depth plan for you to implement security and survivability measures
  • We provide you with recommendations that are realistic and within your budget to help protect your family and property.

 To schedule a consultation contact us at [email protected]