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Weapons Training

Our Staff provides customized weapons training to individuals and families in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. We will build a customized course based on your needs whether it's rifle, pistol, shotgun or a combination thereof.  We create courses for families so they can work together as a cohesive unit.

We offer a wide variety of training to include but not limited to:

         Legal use of firearms

         Weapons Safety

         Basic Fundamentals


         Self Defense Techniques

         Weapons familiarization

         Effective employment of weapon systems in urban environments

         Recovery of wounded personnel while under fire

         Safe weapons handling techniques in and around vehicles.

         Common malfunctions with all weapons systems.


 Daily Training rate is $ 380.00 a day per person for groups up to 4 people at a time.

Additional Fee: $ 20.00 per person for range use you pay same day of class.

Payment for the course must be paid in advance and a tentative date will be established for the purposes of securing the range that day. We will confirm date 72 hours prior and give you directions and a gear list of what to bring to your class.

We can also go to your location provided that you have the property available, and that your local county regulations allow. You can take the course from the privacy of your own location. Please E-mail for pricing and additional information.

If your group is larger than 4 please contact us so we can make certain accommodations.  

If you are out of State and would like for our instructors to travel to you please contact us for more information.